Quora Indeed!

I broke my own record on March 13, 2019! This is only for posterity. In addition to WordPress I also indulge in answering public questions posted on Quora under different topics. And of course, I seek knowledge by asking questions from the pool of self described experts in their huddled field. Lending my verbose of … Continue reading Quora Indeed!

When VA Medical Center’s Reminder Calls Backfires…

OK, where do I start? I'm part of the two million Americans who's a veteran, and am a disabled US Army veteran. For the most part I've started my blog in the hopes of helping other vets and then began to stray and diverse my interests. So it's a good feeling writing about the one … Continue reading When VA Medical Center’s Reminder Calls Backfires…

Blocking Numbers

Lately I've been getting unwanted calls from strangers whom I know not. At first, the calls were from area codes I know. So I answered one particular call. This lady told me that she has a message for me from her representative company and wanted to confirm that I am the person being addressed. Obviously, … Continue reading Blocking Numbers

The High Stakes

Whatever the new year brings, it's a lot to intake. We live, some die, most complain, while politics become a joke. With a federal partial government shutdown, the stakes are pretty high. First, our inexperienced president is holding, quite literally, the functionality of millions of people hostage over a wall that he ''promised'' the American … Continue reading The High Stakes