I Made 2!

Wow!! Thanks for the shout-out! I’m one of the many younger bloggers using this wonderful site as a platform to speak to so many people. From influentials, celebrities, moms and dads, businesses and more, it is honorable and encouraging to be viewed and have a great time voicing my opinions, views with everyone out in the blogosphere.

Lots of interesting blogs topics, I love WordPress diversity audience. As I am very speechless (who, me? Ha!), I may add more later.

Thanks again to all the WordPress staff who answered my questions and responded ever so pleasant to my needs. I appreciate that very much.

Don’t GoFraudMe

What has become of harmless, meaningful online donating? These ridiculous scammers – the young couple and a ‘homeless veteran’ duped the entire nation of generous people out of their money based on a lie. Yes, they’re each looking at prosecution and prison sentence, but how are we going to be able to trust another donee (if there is such a word) who really is in desperate need of our help, or someone who just need assistance in charity work, emergency assistance, or are struck by unforeseen circumstances that requires help from kindhearted people? Will we look with scrutiny and a ”side eye” of every story we come across? I hope not! For the love of everything true and decent we can’t allow horrible people to damage, deflect or deter our right to be a blessing or help to someone else in need.

Although in life there are always bad seeds that manages to infect our desires to give from our hearts by taking advantage of the system, I’m imploring for the behalf of our good and generous givers, not to be deterred by those who are ingrates and heartless. Your willing contribution not only assist another person or family, you also benefit in taxes and in spiritual health.

Upon reading that a veteran stooped to this charade perplexes me. The Department of Veterans Affairs has homeless programs to help those Veterans who are either displaced, in need of emergency housing and much more. I’m a disabled army veteran and to know that these programs are available for me and my family is a relief. Someone should have directed him (perhaps the duplicitous, charlatan couple) to the nearest VA Center and then they would be responsible for his housing situation. Any veteran in need of help, please contact your local VA office or go to http://www.va.gov for further details. There are honest and legitimate ways of getting benefits. None of us Veterans have to stoop so low as to scam another Veteran.

Thankfully, the funding website is returning every penny of donors monies that were sent the page and I commend them for their openness, honesty and courage to give us all hope that doing right pays off at the end of the day. That is what a credible, responsible company does for their clients / consumers.

Back to The Veterans

I’ve haven’t really been posting about any related military issues lately. But looking at the state of our country, and with so many tragedies, unnecessary deaths, and political numbness on what’s right or wrong with us as a country, nation, with particular desires, we always seem to forget about our Veterans. Unless upon discovering in the news the horrific events of the California bar massacre that the shooter was a military veteran who committed such crime and eventually suicide, nobody really sees, or cares about our veteran men and women. Veterans Day is Sunday. I posted reminders on Instagram and Twitter. Do you know how many responses I got? Zero!

That is so embarrassing! Have we become insensitive and numb to the ones who put their lives ahead of our own? These veterans are someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, auntie, uncle, grandma, grandpa and you can’t even say thank you for your service? Not even acknowledge that they meant the world to you for being so brave (never counting you’re benefiting from their broken backs, blood, sweat and tears)? We have another generation of kids growing up in a confusing society. We take so much for granted that we need to look introspectively and redefine what’s important to remember.

To all our soldiers past and present:

”Thank you for your service. My sincere apologies for those who won’t thank you for be gracious enough to acknowledge you. ”

The Day My Joy Died

I was at a charm school meeting one weekend. I took the time to implement what was taught and made the best with what I have. I wore my dazzling black blouse that had that geometric design on the back and along the hem. The color of the design is in the beige /brown family (not sure what to call it). To match I wore my black skinny jeans and a taupe (I think it’s spelled) pair of flat shoes. My accessories were a camel brown earrings, no bracelets. As it was my turn to be critiqued, I was pretty confident that I would get a good, not great or outstanding review.

Friends, I was slaughtered with no mercy. I forgot how people can be cruel, harsh, and judgemental. One after another gave no polishing update; except for the one person who agreed that my jeans were appropriate for the blouse. Otherwise, it left me in tears, with a crushed ego and facing an undetermined future. I could understand if they were strangers but these are people who I see regularly for years.

I don’t want to be the person who pleases people, but I don’t fit in their mold and I have to accept it. This tragedy has given me a new reason to reevaluate my life, and the people who I allow in my life. Being newly married for only 4 months I really thought that my life, my world would get an upstart but it’s been the complete opposite. I’ve been suffering since being married. I love my husband very much and he loves me but we have had a rough start to our marriage even. That’s another story for another day. With helping him out of his dilemma that he put us in, this, in my opinion, does not preclude the ‘wedded bliss’ factor for newlyweds.

Painstakingly as it is, these are moments that have killed my joy of life. Yes, one day at a time, sure it’ll get better in the end, and every other cliche known on earth. But to be hurting this much when striving to be there for others, be less selfish, I can only ask myself: ” Where is my reward? ” Nobody can answer that but God.

I Am Your Special -T

I’m no longer struggling with this giant T!

Not wrapped up, nor wrapped around me.

What I used to be, or do is no longer a cinch to party.

I’ve got one mind, one idea that I can drink.

It’s good ole fashioned Chamomile tea.

Now a warm, relaxing hot tea to put to bed

All the day’s headaches and what was done and said.

That’s the only special T I wanna sing, laugh about.

While the brew melts away

The things I couldn’t control today.

I could hide amongst my toys

Where no one can find me

For a half moment to be

Just myself when no one’s looking.

Oh, no the phone’s ringing: another booking (agent). Mercy!

Echoes From A Warrior’s Soul

So much pressure and tension indeed

To complete my Lord’s royal decree.

It’s the focus that I must proceed

To get the blessing He willed me to receive.

I battle daily to do what I gotta do;

I cry inside myself heavy tears for you.

In Jesus name I must pursue,

So old things stay old, new things be new.

The clock is ticking very fast;

Don’t know how long I’m gonna last.

I stay before God with the prayer and fast

In this battle to bury my past.

I have my soul with you to share,

But with God I give my deepest care.

To gain some strength enough to bear

Of burdens and fights of unequal compare.

Held over my head is the face of crime

That cursed my life and served me time

To reflect and regret in my heart and mind,

Falling from His grace when He was so kind.

But in His holiness He’s given another chance

To clear my name, give Him a victory dance,

And wipe the slate clean in a final glance –

To be the spiritual body that He can enhance!

Don’t let me go because I look down on me.

It’s a reminder to see our human frailty.

The reality of salvation will ground you completely

To lift someone else up from off their hurting knee.

You Are Everything To Me

I giggle at the envelope and here you are

Within my grasp, my fingers, though so far.

It’s a priceless timing to have you in part,

For its a cruelty taste – a partaker of your heart.

You have made me feel so loved and protected;

Certainly it has done more to me than suspected.

You’re a real man who knows how to treat a lady,

A godly reward of loyalty will be creating our baby!

From the birth of our love will come things you need:

I feed you love, time, patience, hope; praying on bended knees,

The very things God requires from a faithful partner.