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This is an incredible podcast. It is amongst the top best in Google Play Store downloads. I'm practically favoring this over all the others. If you want the best selection of podcasters, Zeb music, asmr, radio and audiobooks, this is the app to have!

Found Another Free TV Streaming Service…

Yes! And all you need to supply is the data stream, which normally you already have. It's PlutoTV! I found this odd commercial for it and figured it wasn't much in the way of content. But it has great karate flicks (if you're into that) and for the Doctor Who fans of old (like myself), … Continue reading Found Another Free TV Streaming Service…

Busy Little Bee 🐝

Hello! I know, I know, I've been off the grid for a while. Behind the scenes I'm doing amazing things. Certainly this generation is very occupied with blogging, but there's also another endearing penchant for mass communication and I've got stung! I'm talking about podcasting. I didn't know too much about it or paid attention … Continue reading Busy Little Bee 🐝

Quora Indeed!

I broke my own record on March 13, 2019! This is only for posterity. In addition to WordPress I also indulge in answering public questions posted on Quora under different topics. And of course, I seek knowledge by asking questions from the pool of self described experts in their huddled field. Lending my verbose of … Continue reading Quora Indeed!

Blocking Numbers

Lately I've been getting unwanted calls from strangers whom I know not. At first, the calls were from area codes I know. So I answered one particular call. This lady told me that she has a message for me from her representative company and wanted to confirm that I am the person being addressed. Obviously, … Continue reading Blocking Numbers