Celebrating the Year in Struggle

My fiancee and I have known each other for about 18 years before we tie the knot very soon. He is the most resilient man I’ve ever known. And while we’re apart on the day of his birth, he will always feel the love, peace and devotion I have for him.

I often tell him that I love him to the moon and stars above and he quietly smiles. I want him to always take comfort that my love is eternal and not temporal.


Happy New Year to all Active Duty & Military Veterans 

It’s going to be a new year for you and your family.  For the active duty servicemen and servicewomen who are stationed in foreign countries and nations, nothing seems more enthusiastic than looking forward to seeing another year go by.   In the air it feels like everything is going to be filled with hope and challenges.  Video chatting with the family and seeing their faces brings renewed faith. 

For our veterans, here’s hoping that the Veterans Affairs (aka the VA) can take better care of our male and female veterans, provide improved services and that our veterans service organizations be more prepared to assist our needs.  I live in New York and you know the VA Call Center can be improved!  So in the morning or during the day, before the ball drops in the evening to ring in the new year, this is wishing you the very best of life for you and your family and friends!

New Post – What does Christmas mean?

Ate my last big meal on Thanksgiving Day and as we celebrate Christmas day, I ask what does it mean to you?

Everyone has their doting opinion.  Great.  I love it for the family get togethers and all – I have a big family.  As we share presents and stories, I always remember the story of how Jesus Christ came as an innocent baby to grow into the man who would become the Savior of the world.

I wonder what this day would be if he never came to earth.  Would Christmas still mean how we take it today? Or would it never existed?  In my opinion, Jesus is the reason for the season and it seems to bring us together in love,  harmony and yes,  peace. 

So this year I want to wish you all a very… 

Daily Prompt: Missing 

They fought wars in the most obscure and newsworthy places around the globe.  They are mended together through the brotherhood (and sisterhood) of warriors’ shed blood and comradeship.  They are truly the ones that gave up their life in defense for humanity, their troops and your freedom. They are the missing soldiers who died on the battlefield, died from their wounds and captured, beaten, tortured and then murdered. Killed senselessly, needlessly in a war torn country that will continue in its embattlement.

 Let us remember our fallen heroes, those who came home bringing their fresh memories as survivors, the wounded with and without the visible signs of hurt, pain and wounds yet to surface, and especially those who we will miss dearly everyday!

Daily Prompt: Treasure

In the Army, I’ve made lots of friends and met great people along the way. I think the greatest treasure given from the military was its experience and personal values instilled into me that has helped me deal with the mechanisms of civilian life.  Eventually I learned to channel situations, complex and simple, through everyday turmoil into making it work out triumphantly. 

Often the perception we have is always money associated with treasure. And that’s fine. But the real treaure is your experience and how it can benefit you and others like you get through this crazy maze called life!

Daily Prompt: Protest

You see it all the time. Most recently from our new President-Elect Donald Trump, he has ignited a series of protests around the country.  The people who didn’t vote for him was astonished. He beat Hillary Clinton, the battered but favorite to win!  Impossible! And like the adult size tantrums that we can give, we march into the streets with signs of catchy phrases, time off from work, school, and other activities and we let the one object of our focus to know we don’t like you or what was done.

Sometimes protesting works. In Egypt, a few years back, the masses took on Twitter and other firms of social media to eventually force the President Hosni Mubarak out of office with a crowd never before seen in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo, Egypt in 2011.

  In our case, sadly it won’t work. Quietly, signs are put down and lives goes on; complaining and nitpicking all the way through the next four years.

Daily Prompt: Martyr


I remember when I was in boot camp, we had to learn about donning on the gas masks at different mop gear levels.

 And on this particular day, the drill instructors was giving us a lesson in a certain area that had a potentially deadly, colorless and odorless gas. He asked for volunteers to check it out. Of course, all of us were chicken. No one wanted to be the “martyr” in finding out if this so called gaseous area was indeed detrimental to our very existence.

Then as to give us an incentive, he said, ‘You’re family will be well compensated for your service.  After all, you are insured.’ Was that really to motivate us or make us fear that much more!? Regardless, if I had to die, I wouldn’t want to be remembered as the idiot who took on this stupid tragic challenge.

Daily Prompt: Vanish

Today is the day that I’m exhausted from the weekend.  Yet I got all this incoming mail and phone calls coming at me.  Tomorrow is another day, people.  Another day cause I’m gonna vanish from social media for 12 hours. Goodnight! Sleep is my medicine.

Daily Prompt: Construct

If you had a way to look inside my mind, good luck! Have at it! Its a mess in there! Get your glue gun, staples, nails and hammer cause you’ll have to reconstruct this haphazard construct!  It might take you 45 minutes, 16 days or however long, but I can’t get this mess to impress anyone!

The brain and the mind are two distinct entities.  Did you know that? The brain is static in everyday learning but that mind… it changes all the time, but can be controlled with narcotics or medicine.  Now that is where the precepts of the constructs begins and processes. But don’t listen to me, I’m still under construction.

Daily Prompt: Echo

“Faster than the speed of sound”, “In an instant”, “Microwave blessings”, and other cute quibs are firmly repeated in some point of our lives.  Its echo of that mysterious, proverbial “they”people dictating what we should say, what we believe in or not.  Who are “they” anyway?? Why do “they” infiltrate our lives with words that has stream from generation to generation? How did “they” become so popular that we believe them as the best great majority?  

As for me, I’ll cautiously entertain what “they” say as I let their words echo into my thoughts in an attempt to figure out who “they” are, what “they” want and how did “they” gain so much traction and power over us.