One Nation, One Blood

Hi! I’m back again for all my fellow veterans and their families.  

As the world know, we have elected a new president: President- elect Donald Trump.  He will become our Commander in Chief; for our younger generation. Some can accept this new and uneasy transition of power. And some rally the world on protest. Nevertheless, it is what it is.  Our nation us torn.

Much like our soldiers who come home from war torn countries, witnessing the worst of humanity and having to yet discover their waking thought about coming home to a peaceful place is now filled with sincere division and opposition.

I’m not a political person, for we all have a voice and opinions. However I want my veteran family to know this is what the pursuit of freedom looks like.  We must remember that we are one nation of multifaceted people who are banded together in the blood our forefathers, friends and family service members have shed to keep us strong in the eyes of our Allied forces.

Never forget the reason why you served and as we go into a new year in 2017, don’t let politics dissuade you or make you feel ashamed of the times you went to defend our nation, friends and family.

Be strong!! You are our nation’s greatest!

2 thoughts on “One Nation, One Blood

    1. Thank you. We all need to band together in times like these. You would not believe I started this blog only nine hours ago. I have such a passion for veterans and their families. This is a great way to meet throughout the country. I’ll check out your other two sites that was sent as links on my email. Help me help our veterans know that they are special!

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