Y.A.N.A.- You Are Not Alone

      Hi! As a fellow soldier, I want to thank all the soldiers and veterans for your service to our nation.  Whether you have done tours in Afghanistan and/or Iraq, Vietnam, the Cold War era, and other, you are a valuable person to your family and friends.  Your sacrifices for duty and country takes a lot out of you and put more of the best in you.

I encourage you to find out all your benefits that you are entitled to receive for yourself and/or family. Believe me, it’s worth it. 

Enjoy your personal freedom so limited in service but greatly appreciated as a civilian.

Also, I would like to read your stories about your time in service. I went to the U.S. Army in January 1987. It was the Cold War era. I got injured while on duty but still managed to pass basic training, AIT, and the next duty station.  After coming home, it was tough readjusting to a normal life. But like many of my brothers and sisters in arms, I’ve got tons of stories to tell!

        Once again, I thank you for your service! I’m glad our nation recognizes our sacrifice!


6 thoughts on “Y.A.N.A.- You Are Not Alone

  1. It is a pleasure to meet you. I did not serve out of respect for my father’s wishes at the height of the Vietnam War, but have the blog Pacific Paratrooper dedicated to my father, US Army Air Corps, WWII, and his unit, the 11th Airborne Division. My uncle and son were both USMC and my cousin, US Navy.


    1. I am always honored by any member of the Armed Forces and their families. Your blog site is a great commemorated place to visit and you have done a great service in honoring your family members who has served in different eras and times. They have a solid place in our history and I thank you for sharing. ūüí™

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