Daily Prompt: Pungent

Have you heard the expression:”too much of a good thing is bad for you”? The power of suggestion is no longer further from the truth. Take smoking. Whatever it is, cigarettes, marijuana, etc, it’s no good. And who would want the above anyway with its lingering powerful pungent smell that could repel your sweetest religious grandma!  Or take coffee breath, or decaying rotten onions in your forgotten cabinet of wasted products! Eeww!!

Even a bad fragrance that was meant to do no harm cries foul in the attempt to cover up a nefarious bad pungent odor.  And don’t get me started on the fragrance good money was paid only to disappoint as a gift!  Oh, my! When can a pungent odor be good? Heck, don’t ask me! Ask that rotting flower that blooms once a year!! 

 Sorry, but I’m gagging. Gotta go outside for some real air or else there will be no escape!  Run!


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