Daily Prompt: Martyr


I remember when I was in boot camp, we had to learn about donning on the gas masks at different mop gear levels.

 And on this particular day, the drill instructors was giving us a lesson in a certain area that had a potentially deadly, colorless and odorless gas. He asked for volunteers to check it out. Of course, all of us were chicken. No one wanted to be the “martyr” in finding out if this so called gaseous area was indeed detrimental to our very existence.

Then as to give us an incentive, he said, ‘You’re family will be well compensated for your service.  After all, you are insured.’ Was that really to motivate us or make us fear that much more!? Regardless, if I had to die, I wouldn’t want to be remembered as the idiot who took on this stupid tragic challenge.


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