Daily Prompt: Protest

You see it all the time. Most recently from our new President-Elect Donald Trump, he has ignited a series of protests around the country.  The people who didn’t vote for him was astonished. He beat Hillary Clinton, the battered but favorite to win!  Impossible! And like the adult size tantrums that we can give, we march into the streets with signs of catchy phrases, time off from work, school, and other activities and we let the one object of our focus to know we don’t like you or what was done.

Sometimes protesting works. In Egypt, a few years back, the masses took on Twitter and other firms of social media to eventually force the President Hosni Mubarak out of office with a crowd never before seen in Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo, Egypt in 2011.

  In our case, sadly it won’t work. Quietly, signs are put down and lives goes on; complaining and nitpicking all the way through the next four years.


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