Back to The Veterans

I’ve haven’t really been posting about any related military issues lately. But looking at the state of our country, and with so many tragedies, unnecessary deaths, and political numbness on what’s right or wrong with us as a country, nation, with particular desires, we always seem to forget about our Veterans. Unless upon discovering in the news the horrific events of the California bar massacre that the shooter was a military veteran who committed such crime and eventually suicide, nobody really sees, or cares about our veteran men and women. Veterans Day is Sunday. I posted reminders on Instagram and Twitter. Do you know how many responses I got? Zero!

That is so embarrassing! Have we become insensitive and numb to the ones who put their lives ahead of our own? These veterans are someone’s mother, father, sister, brother, cousin, auntie, uncle, grandma, grandpa and you can’t even say thank you for your service? Not even acknowledge that they meant the world to you for being so brave (never counting you’re benefiting from their broken backs, blood, sweat and tears)? We have another generation of kids growing up in a confusing society. We take so much for granted that we need to look introspectively and redefine what’s important to remember.

To all our soldiers past and present:

”Thank you for your service. My sincere apologies for those who won’t thank you for be gracious enough to acknowledge you. ”


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