Don’t GoFraudMe

What has become of harmless, meaningful online donating? These ridiculous scammers – the young couple and a ‘homeless veteran’ duped the entire nation of generous people out of their money based on a lie. Yes, they’re each looking at prosecution and prison sentence, but how are we going to be able to trust another donee (if there is such a word) who really is in desperate need of our help, or someone who just need assistance in charity work, emergency assistance, or are struck by unforeseen circumstances that requires help from kindhearted people? Will we look with scrutiny and a ”side eye” of every story we come across? I hope not! For the love of everything true and decent we can’t allow horrible people to damage, deflect or deter our right to be a blessing or help to someone else in need.

Although in life there are always bad seeds that manages to infect our desires to give from our hearts by taking advantage of the system, I’m imploring for the behalf of our good and generous givers, not to be deterred by those who are ingrates and heartless. Your willing contribution not only assist another person or family, you also benefit in taxes and in spiritual health.

Upon reading that a veteran stooped to this charade perplexes me. The Department of Veterans Affairs has homeless programs to help those Veterans who are either displaced, in need of emergency housing and much more. I’m a disabled army veteran and to know that these programs are available for me and my family is a relief. Someone should have directed him (perhaps the duplicitous, charlatan couple) to the nearest VA Center and then they would be responsible for his housing situation. Any veteran in need of help, please contact your local VA office or go to for further details. There are honest and legitimate ways of getting benefits. None of us Veterans have to stoop so low as to scam another Veteran.

Thankfully, the funding website is returning every penny of donors monies that were sent the page and I commend them for their openness, honesty and courage to give us all hope that doing right pays off at the end of the day. That is what a credible, responsible company does for their clients / consumers.


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