I Made 2!

Wow!! Thanks for the shout-out! I’m one of the many younger bloggers using this wonderful site as a platform to speak to so many people. From influentials, celebrities, moms and dads, businesses and more, it is honorable and encouraging to be viewed and have a great time voicing my opinions, views with everyone out in the blogosphere.

Lots of interesting blogs topics, I love WordPress diversity audience. As I am very speechless (who, me? Ha!), I may add more later.

Thanks again to all the WordPress staff who answered my questions and responded ever so pleasant to my needs. I appreciate that very much.


4 thoughts on “I Made 2!

    1. Thank you so very much! In fact you were my very first friend to reply to my first post and sent me interesting back and cover stories of the Pacific era war stories and so many enriching posts from soldiers who died in the wars. Appreciate you very much for sharing.

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      1. I received help from certain bloggers when I first started out – it’s only right that I try to help others. (Pierre Lagace in Canada for one and a great friend Mustang Koji in CA were my first mentors)


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