The High Stakes

Whatever the new year brings, it’s a lot to intake. We live, some die, most complain, while politics become a joke. With a federal partial government shutdown, the stakes are pretty high.

First, our inexperienced president is holding, quite literally, the functionality of millions of people hostage over a wall that he ”promised” the American people that Mexico would pay for it. Well, that went from zero to disastrous pretty quick! Mexico refuses to fund such a preposterous idea and now all those misguided Poll voters looking to ”baby Trump” (that’s what I call him. Just because of his infamous tantrums when he doesn’t get his way and his multiple indecisive actions, flip flopping, etc. You know) who expects the President of the United States to secure their imaginative safety from obscene people demand an action or else there will be no re-election for this bumbling idiot of a leader.

Then, you see all these videos of families struggling to make ends meet because they are either forced to work without pay, or remanded to stay home until a resolution is found. Three weeks and no one is bowing, bending or breaking this unconsciously divided stalemate.

I’m glad I don’t work for the federal government anymore cause I’ve been through three of these Federal hostage tactics when I worked for the US Justice Dept over 15 years ago and the US Army over 23 years ago. It’s a shame that with adults running the government they can be so childish, foolish and unremorseful by putting us in painful, harmful situations without thought or care while they live and eat good and get paid while making us miserable.

Politics. Democracy. Republic. We all have no choice in the end of this Game of Chicken.


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