Blocking Numbers

Lately I’ve been getting unwanted calls from strangers whom I know not. At first, the calls were from area codes I know. So I answered one particular call. This lady told me that she has a message for me from her representative company and wanted to confirm that I am the person being addressed. Obviously, it didn’t sound right to me so I asked her who the company is that has a message. Elusively, she said that I owe money and the company is ready to take legal action. I told her, ‘Ms. you must have the wrong information because I don’t owe anything to anybody. What company is claiming this?’ Do you know that she changed her pleasant voice and became forceful and intrusive!? Yes, indeed she didn’t like that I took a stand against her scam. Now she’s practically yelling and threatening that legal actions are going to proceed. I told her take your best shot with your scamming system and hung up on her.
That was at least 8 months ago and since that time I’ve been getting unwanted calls from various area codes. So instead of answering, fighting and arguing with them, I’ve listed each of the phony scam numbers and logged it into my contacts, selected option: ‘all calls to voicemail’ and named them each Unwanted Caller #. So far, they call but don’t leave messages;which indicates from my researching scammers tactics, they don’t want to be identified. And if you ever call back their number (I did), their number tells you that it cannot be completed or found.
Maybe they’ll get the hint and take my number off their mysterious list. Hope they do it soon.


4 thoughts on “Blocking Numbers

    1. I wish there was something we could do to get them off our back… Stop pestering me. For us who pay for minutes (without a plan), it eats up our precious phone minutes. Nobody’s gonna refund us anything.

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      1. A idea just popped up in my head, we could make them run from us and when they get to the 300 meters mark we start target practicing, you with the M4 me with the HKg36, who hits more targets invites to dinner.


      2. I’m game!! Although I’d use the M16 rifle and I’d let you use a Light antitank weapon known as the LAW & we’d blast them to Kingdom come. Sort out the sorry later.


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