I Made 2!

Wow!! Thanks for the shout-out! I'm one of the many younger bloggers using this wonderful site as a platform to speak to so many people. From influentials, celebrities, moms and dads, businesses and more, it is honorable and encouraging to be viewed and have a great time voicing my opinions, views with everyone out in … Continue reading I Made 2!

Don’t GoFraudMe

What has become of harmless, meaningful online donating? These ridiculous scammers - the young couple and a 'homeless veteran' duped the entire nation of generous people out of their money based on a lie. Yes, they're each looking at prosecution and prison sentence, but how are we going to be able to trust another donee … Continue reading Don’t GoFraudMe

Back to The Veterans

I've haven't really been posting about any related military issues lately. But looking at the state of our country, and with so many tragedies, unnecessary deaths, and political numbness on what's right or wrong with us as a country, nation, with particular desires, we always seem to forget about our Veterans. Unless upon discovering in … Continue reading Back to The Veterans